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What are your favorite oatmeal cookie recipes? Bonus points if made with raisins and possibly walnuts (or other nuts). Do you use butter or some other fat? Apple sauce?
I've been meaning to post this for days! Taken from Baking with Love, with edits (I meant to scan the page, but eh, I am lazy):

Cut to reveal how to do them! )
Making homemade bread has always been something I wanted to try and finally in the past year, I've started to do so. Now I've ran into a bit of a problem. For those who make bread, what do you store it in to keep it fresh/dry? I've discovered that a plastic container doesn't seem to be the appropriate/good way to do it. My bread seems to retain too much moisture or it has a clammy/damp feel to it on the outside when I touch it.
I can't explain why I fear pie crust, but I'm sure it has something to do with my mother. She would go on and on and on about how important it was that a pie crust be light and flaky. So, of course, the first time I made a pie crust it was heavy and dense. For years I only used store bought pie crust and I hated it. So I rarely made pies.

But then I came across Sylvia's Perfect Pie Crust from Pioneer Woman. (And I would be happy to give you a link, but it is not linked from Tasty Kitchen. I'll send it along if you so desire.) And so I tried her pie crust and discovered a new pie crust fear: rolling. I was afraid to over work it, which would make the pie crust tough. And I was afraid to add too much flour, though I don't know why. So the first time I made pie using Sylvia's recipe it didn't turn out so well. I decided to try again this weekend. I've wanted to try Paula Deen's recipe for Lemon Chess Pie for a long time but didn't want to use a store bought pie crust. Lemon Chess Pie seemed to deserve a homemade pie crust. This time, the rolling went much better. After some trial and error. I found a mat to roll the crust out on, because I was partly convinced that part of my rolling problem was my counter top. The pie crust makes three pie crusts, but I divided the pie crust into two, cause of my fear. The first time I tried to roll it out I didn't use nearly enough flour. But I had a back up. So I rolled the first crust into a ball and put it back in the freezer. I used what I thought was way too much flour to roll out the second crust but it turned out to be just the right amount of flour. I had no trouble whatsoever rolling out the pie crust or moving the pie crust from the counter top to the pie plate.

It's not pretty, but it tastes divine. ) My next pie will be key lime pie. For Memorial Day Weekend. To welcome in summer. :)
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Last weekend was my girlfriends 25th birthday, so of course, she wanted a rainbow cake. I'm certainly not a baker - I tend to make cakes that are heavy enough to do serious damage if dropped on your foot - so that idea was forgotten about. Then she decided she wanted a cake wreck. We were having people over for dinner, and I didn't want to kill them with my own baking so I bought a packet mix and attempted the rainbow cake.

Turns out I don't suck quite as much as I thought! )
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To get things going again, what have you guys been baking lately? My daughter wants me to make a fish tank cake, but I'm not sure my decorating skills are quite up to it.

For her third birthday last month, I made some piggy cupcakes for her to take to day care. That was my first time working with fondant, and I think it shows!

the saddest green eyed pigs ever )

She loved them, and I guess that's what really matters :)
A bit quiet here so I'll post this to hopefully get the comm going. I posted this in my own journal and have posted in the "thrifty cooking" comm too.

I've posted this in my journal and will post it in "baking" community here, I've been pretty busy with work and Christmas so didn't get the chance to post this before Christmas but it makes a great and inexpensive gift.

I saw this recipe last year on TV. A coworker made them for a morning tea and they were delish. I've tweaked the recipe a bit and made these for Christmas gifts this year.

Cookie-wise they are one of the easiest and cheapest recipes I've made. And DE-LISH. I added cranberries to it and I think those were really nice but it does increase the cost so you can add or leave out.

The recipe says it makes about 16 but I over-whipped the eggs to *very* stiff peaks and made smaller ones so made about 2 dozen. The recipe is pretty easy (if you have an electric mixer) & quick so makes it perfect for gifts any time of the year or to make up for a bakesale or take to a party.

Recipe and picts below the cut
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What are your favourite winter treats to bake? Now that it's much cooler here, I'm more inclined to have the oven going as I bake up a storm!