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Making homemade bread has always been something I wanted to try and finally in the past year, I've started to do so. Now I've ran into a bit of a problem. For those who make bread, what do you store it in to keep it fresh/dry? I've discovered that a plastic container doesn't seem to be the appropriate/good way to do it. My bread seems to retain too much moisture or it has a clammy/damp feel to it on the outside when I touch it.
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YAY bread!

Did you let the bread cool completely before storing it? I keep my homemade bread in plastic bags and don't have a problem, *unless* I put it away while it's still warm or unless I leave the bag out where it will get sun, either of which makes condensation form on the inside, and things get soggy and ick. (Ick, by the way, is a technical term. *g*)
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I tend to use paper bags (we get wine in some sizable ones and use those), but honestly, there's no perfect way to keep your bread from drying out without getting it soggy (although I have seen fancy bread bag things in kitchen stores). My best advice is to eat it all up in a day or two, in which case a paper bag should be fine! :D I've heard wax paper bags work pretty well, too, so if you can *find* those, it might be an option.
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I often wrap mine in a cloth towel before putting it in my metal bread box.


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