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What are your favourite winter treats to bake? Now that it's much cooler here, I'm more inclined to have the oven going as I bake up a storm!
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Howdy, just joined up. :) What kinds of things do you like to bake? I've got a great peanut butter cookie recipe and a really good sugar cookie recipe. I've also got a recipe for American biscuits (called scones in New Zealand). And pavlova and angel food cake (yummm, my favorite!)

Any of those take your fancy??
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I really like making cookies when the temperature dips, but lately I've stuck my toes into the world of yeast breads. I really wish I had a large stand mixer for the kneading (I get joint pain from kneading, which is very different from the hand fatigue I used to get from kneading clay 10-15 years ago, urgh), but it's been fun so far.


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