A bit quiet here so I'll post this to hopefully get the comm going. I posted this in my own journal and have posted in the "thrifty cooking" comm too.

I've posted this in my journal and will post it in "baking" community here, I've been pretty busy with work and Christmas so didn't get the chance to post this before Christmas but it makes a great and inexpensive gift.

I saw this recipe last year on TV. A coworker made them for a morning tea and they were delish. I've tweaked the recipe a bit and made these for Christmas gifts this year.

Cookie-wise they are one of the easiest and cheapest recipes I've made. And DE-LISH. I added cranberries to it and I think those were really nice but it does increase the cost so you can add or leave out.

The recipe says it makes about 16 but I over-whipped the eggs to *very* stiff peaks and made smaller ones so made about 2 dozen. The recipe is pretty easy (if you have an electric mixer) & quick so makes it perfect for gifts any time of the year or to make up for a bakesale or take to a party.

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