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To get things going again, what have you guys been baking lately? My daughter wants me to make a fish tank cake, but I'm not sure my decorating skills are quite up to it.

For her third birthday last month, I made some piggy cupcakes for her to take to day care. That was my first time working with fondant, and I think it shows!

She loved them, and I guess that's what really matters :)

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I did some petit-gâteaux mousses au chocolat (chocolate cakes, form like muffins but with an almost liquid centre ) and Lion-like chocolate bars (though those go without baking ) recently. Also some clafoutis aux cerises et chocolat, of which I had a recipe flying around. If you want any of the recipe translated... but I should redo them and note the changes I've done to them.
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These are gorgeous! And adorable :)

My decorating skills are so poor, I'd look at basically any fairly shapely icing and admire the skill! *is jealous*


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